Finding Balance

I had a friend ask once, how did I find such balance with multiple jobs and commitments? My answer was quite simple; I had a routine. Since I kept a busy schedule with working overnight for one job, and working during the day for another, a daily routine guaranteed that I’d stay sane.

The key for creating my schedule was including hobbies that turned into passions. I grew up a dancer and eventually turned into a teacher, all in the meanwhile I found going to the gym to be therapeutic.

Immediately in my daily life, I went to the gym as much as possible, and picked up teaching gigs when they were offered. Building my “Me Time” was very important to me. I can’t stand the feeling of always being on someone else’s schedule, and sacrificing time for myself; I considered that as me being cruel and ignorant to my needs.

On the other hand, creating a frustration-free work schedule didn’t come as easily. One job is a set 40 hour week, and the other included shifts that could last for 12 hours. Yes, I eventually separated both schedules to keep it organized, but I didn’t have time for myself; my time became someone else’s time.

Between two jobs, I barely had time for the gym and completely stopped teaching. The sacrifice wasn’t beneficial, it got to the point that my “Me Time” only existed when I worked overnight. This was a factor in determining whether or not I wanted to continue with two jobs.

As months went on, I slowly started to do a variety of activities that I never had time for: going to a haunted house, a pumpkin patch, seeing Christmas lights, going out with friends, and picking back up teaching gigs. I took back my “Me Time,” and retired from my second job.

With retiring from my second job, the thoughts of the future excited me. Most importantly I could spend more time at the gym, and participate in classes that I enjoyed! Though my schedule now may be more calm, I am still finding different opportunities to take on to expand my knowledge not only of myself, but of the world around me.

People may think I’m nuts when I freak out if I’m off schedule, but my routine promises that I’ll have enough time to do what I want.

Now, I encourage you to do the same. With your work schedule, think about the time you have before and after your work day; Can you fit in a workout? Or do you have time to read, or catch up on some favorite TV shows? Once you’ve figured out your free time, keep it consistent throughout the week. For example, I know every Sunday morning I have Yoga at 9:00 am for an hour. I can promise that once you’ve figured out how to organize your schedule, the balance you have will be outstanding!

Until next time,

Becca K.


One thought on “Finding Balance

  1. Velinda says:

    I love this post! I use this way of thinking also but I can still balance my night job and day job with time for me also!
    Thanks for your blog!


    Liked by 1 person

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