Give Love

Valentine’s Day, the day of two separate sides:

The couples who celebrate their relationship vs People who are single, and simply hate today!

Here’s a thought for you all, maybe we have the wrong attitude towards Valentine’s Day?

According to our dear friend Google (once again), the word “Valentine” is “late Middle English (denoting a person chosen (sometimes by lot) as a sweetheart or special friend)”. I know that growing up, I had always looked at Valentine’s Day as a day only for couples; therefore, I would hate the day just like everyone else. As years passed, I’d be so upset because I didn’t have a boyfriend to celebrate with!

Though this year is different for me (actually having a boyfriend), I encourage you all to celebrate love for someone…even if you are single! Take Valentine’s Day as another day to emphasize your love for your best friends, parents, or even co-workers! Think about it, at your lowest point, who pulled you out from the dark?

Lastly, when you celebrate Valentine’s Day, acknowledge YOURSELF! Maybe you had a bad year, month or week? Take time to recognize how far you have come. Guys, believe me when I tell you this, self-love is the best! Treat yourself to a facial, a hot bath, a glass of wine, or even a movie…you won’t regret it.

So, Valentine’s Day does get a lot of hate because of relationships, and people complain because you should always tell people you love them! Though I strongly agree with telling people you love them, Valentine’s Day is a day to really reinforce to people close to you, that you love them!

…it’s really not a day to hate!


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