On this International Women’s Day

I can remember my mom telling me at an early age that “a girls worst enemy will always be another girl.” As I’ve gotten older, in more ways than one, that proved to be true. Us girls have fought over looks, love and popularity, but in the end, somehow we’ve come out together. For some, celebrating International Women’s Day means fighting for equal rights, but I choose to celebrate by simply reflecting on those who I look up to.

Role models like Demi Lovato, Aly Raisman and Maggie Nichols speak volumes when it comes to inspiration and dignity. In our current society, (where it can be equally hard and tough as it is beautiful) it is extremely important for people to be brutally honest, fight for what’s right and be beautifully humble. The three fierce women I have named previously, represent the honesty, fight and humility we all should embrace everyday. Let’s think about this for a second, if it wasn’t for Demi Lovato, would our society speak openly about eating disorders and mental health as much? As for Aly Raisman, would the fight to hold all organizations accountable in the Nassar case continue? Lastly, with the overwhelming accomplishments Maggie Nichols has earned in her NCAA career, if she didn’t display humility, who else would step forward? Within these three women, their actions and what they stand for/represent, influence how I push myself to succeed everyday.

I close out International Women’s Day by realizing that not only am I fortunate to have role models that stand for positivity, but there are women in my life who also shape me into who I am.

-I have a mom who whips me into shape mentally to be an independent woman.

-I have a best friend who really doesn’t let the opinion of others bother her, which inspire me to do the same.

-I have cousins that I have been fortunate enough to watch grow up, and take the world by storm.

-I have had teachers who taught me about the magic of literature, and the beauty in dance.

When us girls/women take a moment to reflect, we truly realize the many factors and influences that have allowed us to be who we are in this very moment. Who inspires you? How’d you celebrate International Women’s Day? Sound off in the comments below!


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