My Favorite Beauty Items

When it comes to feeling good, looking good is a major priority! Constantly, when I can, I’m trying out new products to find the best results. Pictured above, you’ll find some current products I use on a daily basis. These are products that I mostly use after a workout. When a workout is complete, I really want to feel refreshed; between the workout and use of different products, it brings self-care to a full circle.

Product 1: Formula 10.0.6

I love facials! Every time I need to restock, I find myself going back for a different face mask to try. These masks are incredibly lightweight! When they dry on your face, you don’t feel like your face is dried stiff; you can still move. Also, I don’t have super sensitive skin, but it’s sensitive enough that new products can cause a breakout–I don’t experience breakouts from Formula 10.0.6! No matter which mask you choose, you can feel the mask doing exactly it is made to do. If you’re like me, and you live for facials…stock up on Formula 10.0.6!

Product 2: Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil

I unfortunately have a dry scalp that’ll drive me insane! I opt for Tea Tree Oil which assists in easing the itch. Also, Tea Tree Oil helps prevent the spread of lice too! This is what I consider to be a major lifesaver when you work in a school! Save yourself from what kids like to spread around. All you have to do is mix the shampoo and a small squirt of Tea Tree Oil! Yes, it’s that easy, and you’ll feel a difference.

Product 3: Garnier Fructis Style Smooth Air Dry

For those with naturally wavy/curly hair, this is for you! This product is phenomenal to tame your mane. When I use this product, my hair never has felt greasy or weighed down. I also suggest using this product if you’re braiding your hair and it’s wet. Not only does this product help my braid hold, but the waves will hold for days. For example, after I shower, I throw in some Smooth Air Dry and sleep with the braid in. When it’s time for work, I just take out the braid and I’m ready to go! It’s a huge time saver.

Product 4: St. Ives Revitalizing Lotion

Between working night shifts, going to the gym and periodically tanning, I want my skin to feel new again; and this product does that. I use it every time I shower, and I only apply it once a day. I have never needed to reapply. Most importantly, this lotion smells wonderful! No matter what, my body has always felt moisturized, never over or under.

Product 5: L’Oréal Total Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

I first used this when I had gotten a sample of it, next chance I had, I went out and bought it. My ends have never looked better, and my hair has never been so soft! When I use this, I really feel like I’m doing wonders for my hair, and giving it the love it needs.

Product 6: L’Oréal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am addicted to this scrub. I never feel like my skin is over dried from this, instead I feel like a snake shedding old skin for new! This product not only smells GREAT but it also does what the label says it does: purify and unclog! In addition to being a face scrub, you can use it as a lip scrub too. I don’t use it as much for my lips, but for the times I did, my lips felt brand new and ready to face the harsh winter air.


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