Workout of the Week!

As promised, I have for you all my workout of the week!

Gympire is an Instagram account that I have been following for quite sometime. This page was created by 2008 Olympic Silver Medalists (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics), Alicia Sacramone Quinn and Samantha Peszek. Due to their quite reliable resumes, I know these workouts are efficient and effective. The workout above works your arms, legs, and abs! When I first tried this, I immediately felt my abs going to work. The hardest part about this exercise, in my opinion, is the push up on the ball. My suggestion for you, if you’re in need of a modification, do only the “plank jacks” and the “in & out leg lifts” as many times as you can, then complete a set of regular push ups. By using this modification, you aren’t skipping out on anything that this workout can give you, and that is the most important concept.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! For more workouts, follow my Instagram page: @powergirl_fitness


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