Why “Roseanne” is the Television Series We Need

1997 was the year when the infamous and all too familiar sitcom Roseanne had signed off after 9 seasons. Almost two decades later, and Roseanne has made a comeback to our televisions. The middle class family who spoke the truth as to what real life problems were like, came back with smashing ratings, at a time when our nation needed the Conner family the most.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Roseanne’s reboot premiered on March 27, 2018 with a viewing of 18.1 million people. With a premiere this huge, Roseanne was the most viewed television series in about 3-4 years. With a season premiere so popular, the series didn’t stray from discussing the hottest topics we face today. I’m not going to lie, I personally was very excited for this reboot, I had watched the Conner family from time to time, and enjoyed the comedy and the brutal honesty it served. In 2018, the Conner family faced political differences, single parenting, the rising cost of health care, interracial families, bullying, identifying with your gender, and the loss of jobs (just to name a few). These controversial topics are exactly the everyday conversations we should be having, but instead as a nation, we shy away from them and constantly argue we’re right.

Why was one person right for voting for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton?

Why are we embarrassed or ashamed of single parents?

Why can’t we listen to children when they are struggling with their identity?

God forbid if we admit we lost our job…

Earlier today I watched an interview with Roseanne Barr on Good Morning America, where she discussed the instant success of the shows reboot. She explained that the show explores the fact that we as human beings do not know how to meet in the middle on certain topics, i.e. conflict resolution. That is exactly what we are missing in our communities, and nation as a whole. We don’t take the time and effort to fully understand both sides of a current event, instead we focus on the facts that help our stance. In the season premiere of Roseanne, the actors and writers throw that into our face, “Dear Society, get your act together.” In addition to teaching us what we need to realize, Roseanne has made America laugh again. Day after day, most of us face tragedy or hardships, and the cast of Roseanne come back to help ease our minds–even if it is for 30 minutes or an hour.

With 18.1 million people tuning in, Roseanne has been renewed for a second season! With that being said, my advice to you is this:

Take some time out of your day, and watch the premiere of Roseanne. While viewing it, think about how you solve debates and everyday issues. I can promise that within one of the many topics discussed, something will strike an emotion or thought within yourself. It may only be a TV show, but the Conner Family serves us with what we really need today.


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