Let’s Check in…

So, we all do it…spend time on Pinterest looking at all the things we dream of having. In a recent visit, I had found the questionnaire posted above. I am a firm believer in self care, and making sure you’re on the straight and narrow mentally. As a fun activity, I’ve decided to answer some of the questions, and see how I feel as I go through them. My hope is, that while you read my answers, it will influence you to take note of your mentality. It is human nature that we get caught up in work and our never-ending to-do lists; we easily lose sight of taking care of our mental health. I highly encourage you to take time and answer at least a question a day, whether it is during a stressful moment or before you go to bed.

It is time you put yourself FIRST.

1. My ideal day is being by myself and doing some of my favorite activities: working out, reading, taking a nap, writing and watching TV, doing my nails and giving myself a facial. By doing my favorite activities and “disconnecting,” it allows me to connect with myself. Having full self-awareness is incredibly important.

2. When I was younger, I wanted to be a dance teacher and a History teacher. Now that I am 25, I have accomplished being a dance teacher, as for history…let’s just say I’m better with Literature.

3. I am most inspired by 2x Olympian, Aly Raisman. Her determination to not only achieve what she has accomplished, but to make a difference within the sport of Gymnastics is chilling! I really look to her for guidance in leadership, and how to genuinely be a better person overall.

4. I would love to meet Demi Lovato! Her confidence and attitude is contagious and beautiful. If I could ask her one thing, it’d be how she feels when she’s in concert, and she can hear the audience sing along. I always thought it was magical when you could hear the audience sing along so loudly, the artist doesn’t even have to sing.

5. A habit to break and a habit to have, well this is EASY! I wish I’d break my habit of eating sweets–I have a really bad sweet tooth. I don’t eat sweets in an unhealthy amount, but I just wish I didn’t love sweets so much. Instead, I wish I had a habit of making more healthier options when it comes to food and or snacks. When I have the opportunity for a healthier option, I take it, but I wish I could make the habit meet in full circle.

So, to put this all together, taking note of where you are personally is easy! By answering these questions, it allowed for me to take time to understand myself more. Answer some of these questions, and let me know how you feel after in the comments below!


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