Workout of the Week #3

It is that time again, my “WOW” selection! This week I have selected the Whole Body Fat Blast, which is shown above. I really enjoyed this workout because I finished it feeling as though I pushed my body to its full potential. The creator of this workout pieced the movements together perfectly between low impact and high impact.

The part of this workout that proved to be a challenge was the dumbbell peck fly. With your legs in tabletop (providing you are in the correct form), you can feel your abs working. Not only does it work the abs, but my chest is definitely recovering from this! I used 10 pound weights (my normal go-to), but I didn’t take into consideration that my chest lacks strength. Though I did finish the workout, my chest is paying the price when it comes to soreness. I do recommend that when you get to the dumbbell peck fly, choose a lighter weight.

Overall, I’d give this workout an A. I finished feeling like I did my days work, and I didn’t think to myself whether or not I did too much, or not enough. Try this workout, and let me know what you think in the comments below! 💋


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