Could People Stop…

I was recently searching for a topic to blog about, and I came across an interesting question: “What do you wish people would stop doing?” As a civilian of this particular society, I could name a ton of actions that I’d want people to stop, but one action stands out the most: cheating in a relationship or taking their relationship for granted.

For myself personally, I take a relationship seriously, if I make a commitment, then I’m all in. For others to treat their significant other like a joke and to play them like a game–no one is amused. Everyday we see couples who are in the spotlight, and it seems as though no one can stay together. On the other hand, we come to witness couples in our own lives who are too stubborn and blind to see that their actions are extremely detrimental to their relationship and to others. I simply don’t understand why this happens. We all have lost the ability to sit down like true adults, and work at our relationships.

On Wednesday, story broke that Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend cheated on her.

Tristian Thompson has allegedly cheated on Khloe, and she is due to give birth to their baby girl at any moment…that is not a man. I use the word “allegedly” because it has been different sources that have reported this news, but Khloe herself, hasn’t verified this. In my opinion, when a child comes into play within a relationship, that is a forever bind between the mother and father. The choices made, even the bad ones, will always play a factor into the child’s life.

Here is some breaking news for you all, a relationship is a two way street. If you are not willing to put effort in, and have an open mind in different situations… you need to stay single. To be in a relationship is a beautiful experience, and it allows you to learn about yourself.

To conclude, just simply take note of this and do better! Don’t miss out on what can be an experience of a lifetime.


This is just speaking generally, I’m still with my boyfriend because he’s a good duck! 💙


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