National Poetry Month

I have always been jealous of poets; they have the talent to target different emotions and situations in very few sentences. When I write, I lose track and I end up writing more than I probably should. To challenge yourself in capturing an entire memory and its emotions in, say, less than five sentences is entirely intense and challenging. In my opinion, I feel that poets don’t receive enough recognition. Often, we give credit to those who write novels because they have created a full story that we have never experienced or heard before; on the other hand, more times than we care to admit, Poets have discovered our darkest secrets, and allow us to understand why we feel the way we do.

To understand why we are angry or happy, or to even have the words to help us describe how we feel is magic. In honor of National Poetry Month, I have written my own poem below. Please enjoy and comment your thoughts below! 💕

Breathe in, Breathe out

On the midnight train, I sat alone with what was left of my dignity and my suitcase.

No one knew my story, and for once I had a peace of mind.

The cold air chilled my bones as I stepped off the train,

Leaving a past behind as I trotted through the snow.

The hotel room was dark and quiet, like a secret that had been buried.

I knelt down, and took a deep sigh of relief.

Piece by piece, I unpacked my suitcase.

Each piece of clothing was as if I was building an anchor,

An anchor to feel as though a new beginning was coming.

Unpacking my suitcase was a constant reminder,

All is new

It is a clean slate

You can breathe again.


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