Let’s Whine Down with Jana Kramer- Review

What comes to mind when we think of Jana Kramer? Well, I think of her days as Alex Dupree on One Tree Hill, and her country music hits like “Dammit,” “I’ve Done Love,” and “Whiskey” (just to name a few). If you’re that one person who doesn’t know Jana Kramer, well you’re missing out! In her new podcast series, Whine Down, Jana lets us listeners in on the topics we all need to be talking about. Most concepts that Jana talks about, I haven’t experienced yet like marriage and kids, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn something from her. As a 25 year old, by listening to this podcast series, it is the equivalent of listening to your big sister talk about the do’s and don’t’s.

Right off the bat, Jana describes herself as a “love addict.” She confesses that she had always craved and yearned for love, even if it led her to knowing it wasn’t meant to be. No pun intended, but I love this aspect! We are human beings, and at some point or another we crave love and the way it makes us feel…even if fate is looking at you like, “oh honey, that’s a bad choice.” I was a bit shocked to hear that Kramer had been married not only three times, but one marriage only lasted a week! Jana was asked when did she know she wanted a divorce, and without hesitation said, “As I walked down the aisle.”


I give Jana all the props though, she realized what wasn’t good for her instead of just sucking it up like most people.

Throughout the podcast episode, Jana discusses what moms struggle with most like delegation and losing themselves. In addition, she brings marriage into the prospective of how do you stay connected? I don’t want to give out spoilers, but I only want to encourage you all to listen! There is something for everyone on Whine Down, and what is even better is that Jana isn’t holding back…we’re going uncensored.

Sound off in the comments below if you’ve listened, and what your thoughts were. If you haven’t listened yet, here are two questions to consider before listening:

True or false: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

True or false: If you can’t beat them, join them.

Tune in to Whine Down to find out what Jana had to say about those true or false questions!


One thought on “Let’s Whine Down with Jana Kramer- Review

  1. Vicki says:

    Great review,liztened ti it. I have been a fan of Jana’s acting,singing. dancer , even watched Dwts just because she was on it. Now she can add great podcaster to an already impressive list of her accomlishments. Her podcast was funny ,entertaing and alot of helpful information that alot of. people can relate to. She definately has a hit.

    Liked by 1 person

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