Workout of the Week #7

To quote Taylor Swift, “are you ready for it?”

It’s week 7, and I have your workout of the week! This week I’m explaining my exact workout I did that left me exhausted, but feeling wonderful. To start off my workout, I completed 20 minutes of cardio on the elliptical. It is extremely important to warm up before a workout, not only to get your body moving, but to prevent injuries as well. Below I have a picture that explains the benefits of using the elliptical:

Next, I completed the workout “Combat Medic.” This is one of my go-to favorites, because it uses both weights and body weight. The photo below shows the person using different objects instead of dumbbells, but it is possible to use dumbbells:

My only warning is when you are doing the duck walks, the plank (army) crawls, and even the plank jump-ins, please be careful if you have knee problems. These movements use a lot of knee strength, which could cause stress on the joints if you have knee injuries. What I love about this workout is that though it is easy to get through 3x’s , by the end, I feel exhausted. I’m having so much fun doing this workout that I don’t even realize how tired or sweaty I am.

Next, is everyone’s favorite…abs!

I wasn’t sure about this ab workout, until I felt how sore my abs were the next day. The only exercise I modified was the “bosu ball v-ups.” The reason why I changed it was because my hip flexors sometimes cramp up, and that particular exercise wasn’t helping the cause. Other than that, this ab workout definitely got added to the list of my favorites. At the bottom where it says “…and 3 more exercises,” I suggest doing 3 of your favorite ab workouts! There’s nothing better than rewarding yourself for completing a workout than your favorite exercises!

To wrap up your workout always stretch it out!

There you have it! I hope you all enjoy this workout as much as I did. You should always challenge yourself to new workouts, which is how you find growth physically and mentally. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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