Workout of the Week #9

You smell that? It is the smell of summer coming, which means we have to get that body looking even better! Here is my workout of the Week recommendation:

I had found this workout on Instagram via Olympic gymnast, Samantha Peszek. I am a huge fan of the workouts Samantha Peszek posts, especially on her co-owned account, The Gympire. The workouts posted include a huge variety that will spice up any workout. What I loved about the combination above was that it proved to be challenging for my legs. I’ve been a dancer for almost my whole life, so naturally I have more strength in my legs. Every time I workout, I feel as though I neglect working on my legs, and this workout gives me exactly what I need. What’s great about Peszek’s workouts and The Gympire’s workouts is that you don’t need to do an insane amount of reps to feel the burn.

I hope you all enjoy! If you’d like to see certain workouts, let me know in the comments below! Also follow my fitness Instagram: @powergirl_fitness for more workouts!


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