Turning 26

In less than a week, I’ll be turning 26. By this age or even when people turn 23 or 24, they complain about how “old” they are, and they start to hate when their birthday comes around…not me! Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that I love my birthday! No matter the age I’m turning, 26 or 56, I’ll always celebrate my birthday the way it should be. I’ll never forget an interview I read that featured Demi Lovato, and she was talking about turning 21. She explained that not many people make it to 21, and that’s why her birthday was so important. That statement always sat in the back of my mind, I now always wonder, “How many people would love to make it to 26?” My birthday is just one of many things I’ll never take for granted.

As I begin a new chapter, some may wonder what my next goals are? By the age of 25 I have had an extensive dance career, became a published writer, graduated college, traveled to Paris and London, found a full-time job and retired a job, and found a new relationship…well, let me tell you what’s next. Being 25 has taught me to put myself first, I decided I want to pursue passions, and not waste my skills on people who didn’t appreciate my efforts. At 26, I’m doing things for me.

At 26, I don’t want to be stuck in certain situations/scenarios where I’m petrified of what others may think of me. There comes a time and place where you trust in who you are as a person, and make decisions based on what you know and have learned. In this next chapter of my life, I want to continue to take control of what I want in life whether it is personal, in a relationship, or career wise; I’m going to accomplish what the 12 year old me always dreamed of. I don’t know about everyone else who turned 26 or even 27, I’m ready for what lies in store for me.

My hope for everyone when it comes to their birthdays, don’t take your day for granted. I hate when people say, “It’s just another day.” Your birthday is another chance to celebrate living! Take the day for yourself to celebrate YOU, because you are the reason you’ve made it this far. I know that’s what I’ll be celebrating!


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