“Fall in Line”…The Anthem for All

When we sit back and think about all the singers who could create legendary collaborations, Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato is a pairing that could make anyone excited. A few weeks ago, “Fall in Line,” dropped off of Christina Aguilera’s highly anticipated album, Liberation, which we can look forward to in its entirety next week (June 15). In comparison to the other songs Aguilera released from Liberation, “Fall in Line” surpasses the impact of “Accelerate” and “Twice.” Between 2017 and where we are currently in 2018 with the #MeToo Movement, Time’s Up, and the take down of former USA Gymnastics Team Doctor, Larry Nassar, “Fall in Line” becomes the anthem for women and girls everywhere.

If you sit and really let yourself get lost in the lyrics and its meaning, this is a song that will often be left on repeat. Aguilera starts the song by:

“Little girls, listen closely

‘Cause no one told me but you deserve to know

That in this world, you are not beholden

You do not owe them your body and soul”

Most of us, grew up in a society where girls/women were raised to follow certain societal values, like women belong in the kitchen and at home. Us girls were brought up to believe that we couldn’t do what a boy could. Aguilera is taking this moment to tell girls and women who are listening to the song, to listen to what she had to learn the hard way:

By not being “beholden,” we do not owe thanks or have a duty to anyone. We owe it to only ourselves, to be the person we want to be.

As the chorus comes around, there is a particular line that really strikes me emotionally as to how everyone may feel in todays world, not just women:

“And I got a right to speak my mind

And I’m gonna pay for this

They’re gonna burn me at the stake…”

Yes, I am a huge advocate for being kind and polite, but no one can accept another opinion that might not coincide with theirs. It is incredibly important to speak your truth, no matter what other opinions are. We all have grown up to learn, “You can’t say this,” or “That’s not appropriate to discuss,” so are we supposed to kick back and relax?


No matter what others fight back with, know that your feelings matter just as much as the person next to you. What is key though, is to know that some people are closed minded. It is sad that others can’t accept an opposite opinion, which why we may be “burned at the stake.”

As a huge Demi Lovato fan, her part is (obviously) my favorite! By the simplicity of her verse, it has the potential to strike many emotions:

“Show some skin, make him want you

‘Cause god forbid you know your own way home…”

Sex sells…how many times have we heard that? We go to the clubs or a bar, and it is expected of women to pick up a guy, if you don’t, are you pretty enough? If we wear less clothing, maybe a guy will take you home…that isn’t what we need. Granted some women do live different lifestyles, but that isn’t the point of this song. Demi is explaining that we are smarter intellectually than we believe. You don’t need to follow other examples, and be desperate to find a man. If you go out, enjoy time with who you are with, and dress however you feel, as long as you are confident and comfortable!

“Fall in Line” has the potential to be an anthem for women and girls for years to come. The stories told in-capture where women have evolved into, and Aguilera and Lovato remind us of where not to fall in line. Instead, fall in line to support one another in speaking truths, and supporting one another–it’s those movements that make a greater impact.

Before we conclude, at the bottom, you’ll find the link for the “Fall in Line” music video and a dance video to “Fall in Line” performed by Kaycee Rice and JoJo Gomez.


Fall in Line Music Video

Fall in Line Dance


12 thoughts on ““Fall in Line”…The Anthem for All

  1. Moonsomnia says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this post, I heard the song the other day when I saw a video of the two of them at a live performance and I absolutely fell in love with the song (I’ve always been an X-Tina fan and since watchinh Demi Lovato’s documentary, I have a healthy respect for her)! It’s such a pertinent song, especially in this time of the #MeToo movement and the lyrics are great. It happens to be an awesome and catchy tune 😁 Thanks for connecting xx


    Liked by 1 person

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