Demi Lovato’s “Sober” Review

Without any warnings or an advertised release date, Demi Lovato released a new song “Sober,” which had no problem climbing to #1 on the iTunes Charts. A soft piano ballad begins, and listeners are brought in on a dark secret.

As Lovato begins singing, she confesses that on the inside, she isn’t quite herself again. She’s telling listeners that, she’s lost a strength to fight and it only happens when she’s lonely. Then Demi Lovato confesses that after 6 years of sobriety she has relapsed in some sort of way. In this song, Demi doesn’t mention whether the break of sobriety was recent or in the past, but it has been generally decided it was recent.

This is a song that is beautifully heartbreaking, and can reside with anyone. Whether it is mental health, drugs, alcohol, or you’re just having a day–this song is for you. What I love about this song is the simplicity of the music, and how strong the lyrics are; it shows to be a great mixture. In addition, Demi seems to really hold back from belting notes like she usually does, which makes for a softer and more powerful song emotionally.

I really recommend this song to everyone. It will be hard not to cry while listening to it, but it’s worth it. As a huge Demi Lovato fan, I wish her the best of luck while overcoming this obstacles. On the other hand, to anyone struggling out there, know that you are not alone and never were alone. If there’s one concept we can learn from Demi Lovato, it is to keep the conversation alive about all struggles. So take a listen to “Sober” and let’s help not only ourselves, but others as well.


You will find at the bottom the link to the lyric video of “Sober.” Please enjoy!

“Sober” Lyric Video


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