A Summer of Adventures…and it’s only July

Since I was 17, I had worked every summer long and hard hours. Though I enjoyed my job and the people I was with, as I got older I started to become frustrated with missing out on the joys of summer. Finally summer 2018 became the year that I’d have the summer I’ve always wanted!

The past two weeks alone have been action packed, and I want to share with you all everything that has been going on! I worked a summer camp at my full-time job for a week, and it was a week where there was no time for rest. Baseball games, hiking, attending amusement parks and bowling were just a few of the activities we did.

One of my favorite activities I got to participate in was white water rafting. At first I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, by the end I found myself wishing for harder obstacles. I’ve always been a physically active person, so while rafting I loved having to paddle hard to get through the rough waters! I really hope one day I can go back again.

We also were fortunate to go to “Escape Room.” I’m not sure if the “Escape Room” is international, but for those who don’t know what it is: you and a team are assigned to a room and with various clues, you try to escape your room in 60 minutes. By being in the room with the kids, it was awesome to see them work together to be successful…and yes, my group did make it out before 60 minutes was up!

I really had enjoyed that week even though I was exhausted! The opportunities and activities were endless, which only added to the excitement of summer. As one busy week ended, another had come around!

Last week I attended “The Lights Fest” with my boyfriend, and then spent the week at his family’s camp. “The Lights Fest” was nothing but relaxing and beautiful all at once! We spent the day listening to cover bands and luckily, they were pretty good. Usually festivals can physically exhausting, but at “The Lights Fest” you just relaxed outside, and socialized with who you came with.

We waited until the sun had set, and then the announcer did a countdown to light our lanterns. Now, I’m a sucker for romance so when I saw the lanterns fill the sky, and heard “Hallelujah” play in the background, it was what I’d consider to be a perfect moment! I stood there alongside my boyfriend, and took in the beautiful scenery that I couldn’t experience elsewhere.

Next, we were off to camp! Talk about a time of relaxation! For a week, we went out onto the lake with the kayaks, went swimming, ate good food (of course I brought the goodies for s’mores), and sought out different adventures like, mini-golf and the Zoo!

I loved waking up early and going on the kayaks, it is very peaceful. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m someone who stays active, and kayaking was a great morning workout. Kayaking really helped me work on upper body strength, and maintaining a strong core. I tried to get out on the water as much as I could.

My other favorite moment was going to Erie Zoo. I have a big heart for animals, and trying to help out with causes as much as possible. I loved seeing the animals out and about and enjoying themselves. My favorite animals to see are the extremely big ones! For some reason, the bigger animals are more exciting to me. The Erie Zoo was set up very well, and made guests feel very welcomed. I can’t wait to go back again one day!

I can’t believe it’s only July, and I’ve done so many things! This summer is exactly what I’ve wanted, adventures that I could never do any other time. I hope the rest of my summer keeps it up with the adventures and new experiences. I encourage all of you to seek out new and different opportunities this summer, you never know what you may learn about yourself.


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