The Choreography Series: The Choreography Process

Choreography is not for everyone. Some people are meant to perform, while others can soar as a choreographer. For as long as I can remember, choreography has always been my passion; to bring stories to life in ways others couldn’t, it is a magical concept I fell in love with. For me personally, choreography has always been a natural skill. But, what’s my process? How do I get the piece or combination that makes me excited?

My approach to choreography is plain & simple (in my opinion). I do some research, then it becomes a time for trial and error–simply a two step process. Though it sounds straight to the point of how I choreograph, it does take time to be sure of what I want.

When I talk about “research,” I mean staying aware of how dance is evolving. If you are struggling with choreography, watch dance videos on YouTube, or watch television shows like “World of Dance” and “So You Think You Can Dance.” By constantly watching different dances and performances, I become inspired by the different elements I see. This step also helps prevent choreographers block. A trick I have is that if I see a specific move that I really like, I’ll practice it then see how I can make it my own. Also, depending on my song choice, I find different videos on YouTube that have choreography to the song selected. By using this move, I always have inspiration to fall back on if I am stuck.

The next step of “trial and error” is as simple as you would expect. After researching for different ideas to spark my creativity, I see if everything fits together well. I want my choreography to be smooth, if something feels awkward for myself then chances are it may be awkward for my students. The step of “trial and error” can also be considered the revision stage too! I also take time to make different sections better than what they started as.

Choreography can be difficult, but it’s all about having a process that works for you. In the field of dance, it is incredibly important to create a piece that makes the audience feel something; crafting a story to tell is a delicate routine, be sure to be confident in what you do. If you’re choreographing, and you feel insecure in your choices, it’ll show through for sure.

Remember that.


6 thoughts on “The Choreography Series: The Choreography Process

    • Becca K. says:

      Thank you! I try to make all my pieces my favorite in one way or another, but one time I choreographed a contemporary piece to Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness.” I felt like that piece was EXACTLY what I needed.


  1. Alexx says:

    I’ll be honest, I have zero dance ability; but I had also honestly never even thought about what would go into choreographing a dance. It sounds like such a fascinating and fun process.xx

    Liked by 1 person

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