Workout of the Week- Follow Your Truth

She’s an Olympic Gold and Silver medalist for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics who took the world by storm in 2008. Now she has launched a fitness line, “Follow Your Truth” (FYT)…ladies and gentlemen, it’s Shawn Johnson.

Recently, as I mentioned, Shawn Johnson launched a fitness clothing line called “Follow Your Truth,” and in addition to cute and affordable clothes and accessories, Shawn has launched free fitness classes as well!

Yes…I said FREE!

The workout class is only ten minutes, and targets multiple areas of the body. I tried this workout, and absolutely loved it. This workout is perfect if you’re in a time crunch, or if you want something a little extra for your workout at home or at the gym. In my opinion, I feel like some fitness classes or different workouts put too much stress on the body and its joints; Shawn Johnson along with her team that helped launch these workouts, have carefully put together a workout that makes your body only feel better. In addition, this class allows for modifications and room to intensify the exercises if you are advanced!

I highly recommend this fitness class. As of now, only one class has been released, but there is more to come. Below I have posted the link, try it out and leave your thoughts below!

Follow Your Truth Site


4 thoughts on “Workout of the Week- Follow Your Truth

    • Becca K. says:

      Yeah! Actually if you have Instagram, I have a fitness profile where I post TONS of workouts I’ve tried and found to be useful. It’s @powergirl_fitness, or if you don’t have IG, I’ve posted more workout of the weeks too. Honestly it’s about trying new workouts and seeing what makes YOU feel good!


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