My Top Tips for a Relaxing Work Week

The work week can be stressful, and we tend to lose track of keeping our sanity in one piece. I’ve created a list for you all to help gear you to feeling like you’re unstoppable. Remember, keeping track of your mental health is extremely important! Throughout the week, start with at least 30 minutes for yourself, once you’ve gotten adjusted to a routine, build up to an hour of “me time.” Also, you don’t even need 30 minutes to an hour to relax, it can be small things throughout the week like listening to a song or treating yourself to your favorite drink (alcohol or not, your choice). Well, lets not wait any longer, here are my top tips for a relaxing work week, enjoy!

1. Read a book, short or long.

2. Listen to your favorite artist or album when you are stressed, or want to pump yourself up for the day.

3. Take a bath.

4. Give yourself a facial.

5. Meditate

6. Go to the gym, or do a short workout wherever you are.

7. Invest yourself in a new TV series, or a movie.

8. Go shopping by yourself.

9. Make time to see friends.

10. Have alone time with your significant other.

11. Take a few deep breaths at your desk.

12. Stop somewhere for your favorite cup of coffee/tea/or pick-me-up.

13. Learn new stretches for your body to do at the gym, home, or at work.

14. Take a nap after work, or go to bed early.

15. Do your best to realize that if you have a bad day, it’s just a day. A new day will come around soon enough.


16 thoughts on “My Top Tips for a Relaxing Work Week

  1. betterthangoodenough123 says:

    List of great things to do. How about one more: “Write a short blog post about something you’re passionate about!”
    Joan Senio

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  2. Unveiled Tales says:

    Great tips, and so true that a bad day is just that, and a new day will be here soon! I always get to work about 20 minutes early. I grab a coffee, sit in the coffee shop, and just relax until I have to head to the office. On my lunch break, I will grab my music and listen to it while going for a walk. I may have to invest in a facial soon! haha.

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  3. Rainbow imagine says:

    Great list!
    I especially need to remember the last one. When I have a bad day, I tend to get a little overdramatic. Or at least my head does when it tries to tell me: “Your life sucks”
    The little moments can make all the difference. As I get ready for the day I might choose to listen to some feel good music or affirmations to boost my confidence.
    Every little thing helps.
    Rose –

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