Plum Paper Planner Review

I don’t know about you, but I love a planner that’s not only cute but fits my needs. Not long ago, I found a great site with beautiful customized planners. Those planners were cute and fit my needs, but they could be pricey. Now, I have found Plum Paper and I’m in love with it!

When ordering from the site, you have an option of selecting the planner size, cover, layout, and more. I love having the option to build something as simple as a planner, so I can have what I actually use instead of extra junk. If you need organization for household things (i.e. paying the bills), keeping track of your fitness and health, or if you have a busy schedule with your family, you can customize your layout to include everyone’s schedule. My planner was only $42 which is a decent price for customizing an item, and if you wanted extra inserts like organizing your household budget, or keeping track of your health, that costs extra.

First I want to talk about the cover–I’m obsessed! For the covers, Plum Paper has tons of different selections that are extremely cute and able to fit your personality. When customizing your cover, the options were very specific like, font, shapes and colors to outline your name / quote. Not to mention, you can choose whether or not to include the year, and if you do, you can choose how it appears. Now what is even better, is that the cover is waterproof and tear proof! When you receive your order, they include a sample of the cover, so you can see for yourself the how durable the material is.

What’s amazing about this planner is that there is tons of room to write. Honestly, there’s nothing worse than your hand feeling like it can’t move when writing. You have the chance to choose what month you want your planner to start with, and it is made into a full one year book. Not to mention, there is also spots within the book to write down inspirational quotes and goals! In addition, there are sections for birthdays and specific notes…here’s to never forgetting anything again! Get this planner, and there’s no more excuses for “oh, I forgot.”

So, do I recommend this product? YES! Some of you may think that paying $42 for a customized planner is a bit ridiculous, but I certainly got my moneys worth. It feels great to have a product that fits not only who I am, but it is what I actually will use. Will I order again when the time comes for a new planner? YES! YES! YES!

What are you waiting for? The link is below for you to order your Plum Paper planner today!

Plum Paper


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