It’s a Work Party!

Bloggers have one thing in common, we are in this together to create a brand of some sort. How do we become successful in promoting a brand/business? What are the do’s and don’t’s? Or simply, how can I be even more badass at the job I’m at now? Well, by accident, I found on Instagram an account called “Create and Cultivate,” and “Work Party,” and I have a found an outstanding resource that we all need to be following. Both of these accounts have been made to empower women to be successful, and achieve dreams that they thought were once impossible.

“Create and Cultivate” has held numerous conferences/summits in various states to bring together powerful women in the work field, both successful and those who are just beginning. But don’t fret, if you can’t make it to a summit (p.s. please come to Pittsburgh!), you can listen in to the “Work Party” podcast for the best advice coming from top business women. I have always been someone who was determined to create something powerful for others, and to always be 1% better everyday at my full-time job…so on a whim, I decided to give this podcast a listen.

Mix together powerful/successful business women and top tier business advice, you get some serious magic. Hosted by Jaclyn Johnson (author of the book Work Party), you hear from legal expert, Brenda Schamy, Bobbi Brown (professional makeup artist & serial entrepreneur), and Rachel Zoe (fashion icon)…just to name a few! Some assume that they can’t learn from people like the ones I listed above or celebrities, because we come from very different worlds–no, we can learn from them! In these interviews, listeners learn how these workers started from the very bottom, what they learned about having business partners, and how they feel about the influence they’ve created.

Between these podcasts and the “Work Party” web site, you can find tons of other resources to help better your work ethic at your current job, and to network with others. As a blogger, it can be extremely frustrating at times to gain more followers or to have consistent views (believe me, I’ve advertised my blog on my social media more times than I can count). The “Work Party” podcast, and its site is helping me gain confidence in what I’m trying to achieve. I’m learning different things about branding that I’ve never known or realized before; my hope is that by listening and reading the resources provided by “Create and Cultivate” and “Work Party,” I can have my blog be as successful as I know it can be.

Do I want a brand/business of my own one day? Yes! I’ve wanted it more than anything, and if you want it as bad as I do then you need to listen to the “Work Party” podcast, and check out their resources and interviews. Below I have listed the link for “Create and Cultivate” and “Work Party” (both are affiliated with one another), and I hope you check them out and find them as helpful as I do!

Create and Cultivate Instagram

Work Party


10 thoughts on “It’s a Work Party!

  1. thisramblingwoman says:

    Thanks for sharing these resources! I’ve taken note of the “Create & Cultivate” and “Work Party” podcasts. I’ve been in a bit of a stalemate with my blog, so hopefully these may help provide tips and inspiration to get it growing and moving again!

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