A Week Without Makeup

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick post before the weekend consumes my attention. This week I gave myself a challenge, I went an entire work week without makeup! Why you may ask? I actually did it for fun. The past few weeks my face has felt extremely oily and just gross, so I decided to go makeup free to see how I’d feel.

And my answer is…

My skin felt great!

But some of you may be wondering, what happened when I stepped outside with no foundation, powder, bronzer, mascara or eyeshadow…nothing! My world kept going on.

Sometimes I feel as though we get hung up on makeup, and how “pretty” it can make us. Think about it this way, after caking on makeup and attempting to contour, just imagine how clogged your pores are. Girls, makeup doesn’t make us pretty, how we present ourselves from the inside out is what makes us pretty. Truth be told, I had never felt so free when not using makeup! I had the opportunity to truly embrace my skin, and let it breathe a bit. I do the same for my nails, I love nail polish as much as the next “girly girl,” but I make sure that I give my nails a break too, whether it’s a few days or a week; now, put that in the perspective of makeup. I had noticed that with working and working out, my forehead was starting to break out and I wanted to put a stop to it.

For girls to use makeup as a shield from their real selves is sad, because every girl should feel as though they are unstoppable and beautiful no matter what. So, will I stop using makeup now?


I still love my Kylie Jenner makeup and my Camila Cabello bronzer and lipgloss, this challenge just opened my eyes into seeing that it’s okay to go without makeup. If someone doesn’t like the way you naturally look, who cares? Because chances are, they’re unsatisfied with themselves, and you’re not the problem.

I hope you all feel encouraged/inspired to go makeup free for a few days or even a week! If you like these weekly updates, let me know and I’ll think of more.

Have a great weekend.


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