Accepting the Flawesome Blogger Award

Hello! Hello!

I am writing this because, thanks to Laura Brown of, she has nominated me for the Flawesome Blogger Award! Be sure to check out her blog for all of her well-thought out and fierce posts.

Thank you Laura!

This award is all about the beautifully imperfect flaws we all possess, and turning them into something positive. Turning imperfections into a strength, and accepting yourself for who you’re meant to be is a concept I try to discuss on my blog a lot! I am hoping that from this post, not only do I learn something about myself, but I help you all to take pride in the flaws that actually make you amazing.

BUT FIRST! Here are the rules of accepting this award:

1. Link back to the creator,

2. Show off the award on your website and also on your social media.

3. Tell your readers your three best flaws, and tell everyone why they’re AWESOME!

4. Finally, nominate 10 other Flawesome bloggers!

Now, here are some of my awesome flaws!

I am stubborn!

-My whole life I’ve accomplished different things in my own way. If someone were to come up to me, and tell me to stop, or it’s impossible–chances are I’m finding another way. I can’t stand it when others tell me how to take care of myself, or tell me what to do; how can one tell you what to do when they’re not in your shoes. In my eyes, I’m old enough, let me choose my actions. On the bright side, my being stubborn can show that I am very independent, and I trust in myself to make right choices; if the choice I make isn’t right, then I have learned from it.

….I can be pretty emotional sometimes.

I can’t help it, I’m not someone who can take an argument or something someone says, and be calm. Sometimes…well a lot of the time, I cry or yell. But that’s okay! A lot of people simply struggle to express their emotions, and for me, it shows how expressive I am. To always end up crying or yelling can be frustrating (especially when people try to calm you down), but it helps me realize that I’m not keeping emotions bottled up either.

I may or may not push myself hard sometimes.

No matter what, whether I’m at work or at the gym, I push myself to extremes. If you’d see the workouts I do, you’d think I was nuts. On the other hand, when it comes to work, I never feel like I’ve done enough, so I just keep on going. Yes, I am trying to teach myself to slow down, but for every flaw there is a positive side to it. The good thing about pushing myself is that I’m constantly challenging my own potential. I know I personally can accomplish anything I work hard for, and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

Now that I’ve revealed my three flaws, it’s time to nominate! My nominees I’ve selected from my followers on my blog:

Devouring Books

The Only Place I Can Brain Dump

The Haunted Wordsmith

What Abbie Says

Charleigh Writes

Wanderlust with the DeVaulls


Jenna Bookish

Colleen Denise

Geraldine Talks

Thank you all for reading, and another thanks to Laura Brown for the nomination. I can’t wait to read what the nominees come up with. It’s funny because in my mind I always feel like my blog rides under the radar, so to be recognized just shows I’m on the right path with my writing. Thank you again, and I hope you all enjoy!!!


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