Ready, Set, & Just Finish the Race

Saturday I had the opportunity to run a 5k to raise money for Polio and other diseases. Listen, no matter how many fitness posts I write, I am not a runner! I’m not build to run, and I don’t train for races; when I’m at the gym, I hop on the treadmill for a fix of cardio. Lately though, I’ve impressed myself with how far my running has improved so I figured a 5k would test my potential. So, if I’m not a runner, then why race? Why not walk it? The answer is simple, I like to test myself.

In the past, I’ve ran multiple 5k races, but lately I hadn’t. As I mentioned, lately my times were improving tremendously, but the real result would be how I did outside. By nature, when I know a race would recognize “top finishers,” I become quite competitive. In the cold and rainy weather, each runner lined up and before I knew it, we were running.

As my feet were hitting the cold, hard pavement, a variety of thoughts were running through my mind. The main thought in particular was, “you won’t win.” Talk about a depressing and negative thought when I’m trying to finish a 3.1 mile run in gloomy weather! Though I started to become disappointed in myself, and was thinking I wouldn’t do well, I kept repeating:

“Just finish the race. Just finish.”

With my breathing heavy, and my body exhausted, I had finally crossed the finish line! I won’t lie, when the workers said there were bagels, I had never been so excited! I was starving. All the runners had stood around, and waited for the announcement of top finishers. Names were announced, and I had stood there and clapped for the other runners. I had accepted I didn’t place, it wasn’t my luck–until they announced 2nd place finishers in the age groups.

“Second Place female finisher in the 21-30 age group is…Rebecca Kaminski!”

My answer: “Hey that’s me!”

For once, I placed in something that wasn’t my second nature, and I achieved it myself! I’m so proud of myself.

This race had really taught me numerous lessons about fitness. Fitness is about more than who can lose weight, or be the strongest–it’s about testing your potential, and seeing how you can surprise yourself. Because I pushed myself, it motivated me to want to do more races! If I can place 2nd, who says I can’t be first one day?

I want you all to remember this the next time you workout, or need motivation to get to the gym, “how are you going to surprise yourself?” People are so quick to doubt themselves, and never give their skills a chance. If I didn’t put myself out there, and run a 5k, someone else would’ve placed 2nd and I wouldn’t have known my potential. From this race, I’m motivated now to run more, and be included in more races! I can’t wait to see how I progress!


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