Hi everyone! For those who don’t know, November is National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO). During the month of November, you write everyday in hopes of creating content for a novel. For fun, I’m committing to this challenge through my blog. I’ll be posting everyday for you all to see this story evolve. I know nothing about writing novels, so I’m going in blind and I’ll be learning as I go.

I hope you all enjoy!

Breathing heavily, tossing and turning, she mumbled in her sleep. It was just one of the many nightmares Joey had had throughout her life. Her nightmares were not like any other scary dream, but these were dreams that were trying to tell her something–a secret from her past. In these nightmares, Joey was being chased by a shadowed figure in a parking lot. As she ran from this figure, she held her teddy bear in hand and then all of a sudden, she was swooped up from behind and taken away.

She never saw who this figure was.

In an instant, Joey sprung up sitting on her bed, sweating and trying to catch her breath.

Frustrated, Joey said to herself, “Not again.”

Though another nightmare had ruined a good nights sleep, Joey continued about her morning without skipping a beat. As a 24 year old, Joey had been living the life most millennials would kill for; she had graduated college with a degree in Journalism and not even six months after graduation, she scored a job as an assistant to the editor of the biggest magazine in the country, Bold Vibes.

As usual, Joey had rushed out the door of her New York apartment with a coffee in one hand, and her bag thrown over her shoulder. She ran down the steps, and before she could catch herself, she ran straight into her neighbor, Pete.

“Oh! Oh my gosh…” Pete exclaimed but then his tone changed once he realized it was Joey–a tone of admiration. “Joey! Hi, uh–um, I’m sorry!”

Embarrassed, Joey picked up her bag, fixed her long blonde hair and quickly got herself together, “Hi Pete, it’s fine totally my fault. I was just running late…again.”

A stranger could walk by, and feel the awkward tension between Joey and Pete. Being neighbors wasn’t the only connection they had together; there also lingered an untouched emotion of wanting one another. There was a love story that was never explored.

Pete looked at Joey with his big, warm brown eyes, and gave her the half smile that often made her melt on the inside.

“I don’t want to keep you, but do you think maybe we could talk? I know the other night, seeing me with that girl might have been awkward, and–”

Joey cut him off quicker than a car could, “You know!” She awkwardly laughed, “I have meetings all day, so I don’t know but I’ll catch you when I can!”

With that being said, she kept walking away as fast as she could.

Pete was right, it was completely uncomfortable walking into her apartment building and seeing him and his mystery girl together. They both looked happy and content, something him and Joey could never be. Many attempts were made between Pete and Joey starting a relationship, but with Joey’s dark and hidden past, she couldn’t let him in. How could she let him in, if she didn’t understand it herself?

If one would take a look as to how Joey grew up, it would be easy to assume she lived an easy life: two working parents who were CEOs, a big house, and Joey attended the best schools in North Carolina. The nightmares had haunted Joey since she could remember, but it wasn’t until she was 18 that she noticed something was odd. As Joey prepared to finish high school, she was also planning a memorable graduation party for both family and friends. On a warm Spring morning, she sat at the kitchen table with her mom discussing exciting ideas she had for the party.

“Mom, I was thinking, instead of a photo collage board, we could use a projector? We have that projector in the basement and never use it.”

In an instant, Joey noticed a change in her mothers face–a change that turned cold and nervous.

“Uh–honey, you know, we don’t have to have pictures at all! It seems to be an unnecessary add-in” her mom chuckled nervously.

“Oh, I just thought it’d be cute, it isn’t that big of a deal. I can do it myself!”

Her mom paused, and with a deep sigh, she again denied Joey the use of pictures.

“Mom, why not? I don’t understand the big deal. You’re being weird about this.”

Her mom slammed her hand on the table out of frustration, and with cold eyes she yelled right into Joey’s face.

“Of course you wouldn’t understand! You’re too stupid to realize that when I say no, I mean it!”

Joey sat at the table stunned and speechless. Never in 18 years has she seen her mother lose her patience like that, and her mom never called Joey stupid. Something was different, this woman standing in front of her wasn’t the mother she had known.

This woman all of a sudden, became a mystery to Joey.


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