She stood there holding the phone, shocked. How could Joey not know her best friend was adopted? Why didn’t Mya tell her this before?

“Mya, wha–how, um why didn’t you tell me this before?” Joey asked. She could hear Mya’s voice shaking on the other side of the phone. In all seriousness, the silence was making Joey a nervous wreck. One thing she never forgot about Mya was that when she was quiet, she was hiding something big.

“Joey, I found out that my biological mother left me in a park. My adoptive parents were the ones that found me abandoned. Once there was no trace of my mother, like when they realized they weren’t going to find her, my parents decided to adopt me. Joey, I was abandoned.

Mya broke into a sob, and as she cried, Joey stood stunned. For once in her life, she didn’t know what to say to her, or how to help her.

Later on that day, Joey sat in her room trying to process all she had learned today. As she was deep in her thoughts, her mother had stopped into her room as she had just came home from work.

“Hi honey, how was–oh, honey what’s wrong?” Molly had noticed that Joey started to cry. She sat on Joey’s bed, and gently stroking her daughter’s hair.

“Mom…Mya learned today that she is adopted. Her birth mother, abandoned her. How does someone just do that?!”

Molly sat on the bed, and tried her best to not looked shocked. Her worst fear was coming to life, she needed to make sure no one would know that Mya was really her daughter. She took a deep breath, and tried to comfort her daughter.

“Well, my little Josephine, I don’t have the answer you’re looking for, but sometimes a parent just has to make a decision.”

A sigh of relief escaped from Molly’s soul, she had dodged a big bullet.

Joey sprang up, facing Molly, “A parent has to make a decision?! How about if you have a kid, take care of them!” Joey had shouted out of anger and frustration.

Molly just sat and looked at her heartbroken daughter, and thought:

But I did take care of you my love.

Flashbacks of her teenage years gave Joey chills, and not in a good way. When she thought of her mother and the betrayal she experienced, the chills made her feel as though someone had scratched their nails on the chalkboard. Her life had been a lie, and she took every chance possible to forget what happened. Pete had helped her with forgetting.

After work, she stopped by Pete’s apartment. No matter the time, she still had butterflies.

Pete answered the door, with the smile that could melt hearts all over the world.

“Joey! Hi! Please, come in.”

Joey walked into Pete’s apartment, and at once she felt at ease with her troubles. His place was always warm, welcoming, and cozy. Without a second to spare, Joey went and sat on Pete’s big, comfy tan chair.

Pete laughed when he noticed where Joey was going to sit.

“You still love that chair huh?”

Joey looked up at Pete’s gorgeous face, and laughed.

“Haha, yes, I love this chair. It’s just a small corner of the world where I feel safe.”

Pete had moved closer to Joey. They looked at each with eyes that were hungry for touch and for love. Pete slowly and carefully put his hand on top of Joey’s as it rested on the chair.

With a whisper that drove Joey crazy into love, Pete said, “Joey, about the other night–”

She touched his face, as though she had never felt emotion before, “No, don’t be.”

By this point, they were merely inches a away from each other’s face.

“Pete, I have a complicated history, but I want you more than anything.”

With no hesitation, and excitement bursting within one another, Pete and Joey had kissed.

Everything had happened for Joey in this single moment,

For once, she wasn’t anxious about her past or nightmares, and she finally stepped forward into the future.


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