I never wanted to hurt Mya or Josephine. In the end, my leaving Mya and taking Joey would be a change to give them both a better life. I watched Joey grow up into a fine young woman, and from afar, I kept tabs on Mya as well. I had collected photos I had taken myself from visiting the park, and school events (since both girls went to the same school). I had developed the photos, and kept them in a old worn box.

Some may think that it is crazy, to keep photos of my biological daughter in the house where my “adopted” daughter could find them. Don’t worry though, the box is well hidden with a name that Joey wouldn’t recognize:

Joanne James.

Actually Joanne James was my mother’s name, but she disappeared before I could even introduce her to Joey.

As years passed, and the girls got older, I had spoken to Mya’s parents about the “abandonment.” They feared the day when they’d have to explain to Mya the truth about her past; they didn’t want Mya to resent them.

She didn’t and she couldn’t.

Mya grew up in a household where there was open communication, and honesty was pure. Little did she know, she always knew her birth mother.

I’ll never forget the day I told Mya I was her real mother. That’s right, I told her who I really was.

It was Mya’s 18th birthday party, which was being held at a spa resort. While the other kids were holding parties at clubs, my girl chose to be sophisticated and mature. We had gotten settled into the cabin, and were hanging out in the lobby.

Mya’s mother, Kate, came up to me, and with what she said, I knew it was a sign to make a change.

“Molly! Hi! Do you mind if I talk to you in private?” Kate had asked. She always had that tone and vibe about her where she tried to be the perfect wife and mother–it annoyed me to no end.

As polite as possible, I agreed and we stepped into a private hallway.

“Kate what is it?” I had asked, showing concern like I actually cared.

In a low whisper, Kate asked, “I was thinking, since Mya is now 18, do you think I should tell her she’s adopted? I mean, I can’t wait forever to tell her. I owe her the truth.”

Though I could see the nervousness in her eyes, my mind switched into panic mode.

No, no, no!

I can’t let Kate tell Mya. I need Mya to know the truth, or well, the truth I want her to grow up knowing. She can’t tell her. I need to convince Kate to stay quiet, at least for now.

” You can’t!” I exclaimed probably a little too loudly. I had caught other guests of the resort staring at us with curious but annoyed eyes.

Kate stood there with eyes wide open. She was stunned I would tell her no, instead of supporting her with a difficult decision.

Struggling to find words, instead of bitching me out, Kate asked, “wha-uh, what do you mean no?”

I took my time answering Kate. I didn’t want to answer too quickly, and lead her to be suspicious of me. Well, here goes nothing…

“I mean, it’s her birthday weekend! She’s here with friends and family, do you really want to ruin that for her? When you tell her, she’s going to have a whole range of emotions. Do you think she could carry on emotionally this weekend if you tell her? I’m not telling you to not ever tell her, just wait like, a week.”

I held my breath hoping she’d buy my so-called advice. Kate stood there, contemplating what I said, and I still kept my fingers crossed.

Kate sighed, and caved into my last minute scheme.

“You’re right!” She admitted as she touched my arm.

“I’m sorry Molly, I just panicked and needed someone to vent to. Plus, I’d rather tell Mya with both her parents.”

Oh thank god! She bought it.

“No problem Kate! It’s what I’m here for.”

I gave her a genuine mom-to-mom smile, and began to conjure my next steps.

Honestly, I did everything on a whim. Just simply telling Mya who she really was, was the only way to go about this.

I had found Mya coming out of the cabin, with her long blonde hair blowing in the wind without a care in the world. My baby was finally 18, and she was already a better person than I could ever teach her to be.

I yelled for Mya from across the path that covered most of the resort.

“Hi Mya! Do you have a minute to talk?”

With her eyes as bright as a summer day, she agreed to talk. We found a picnic bench, and sat down.

“Sooo, what’s up?” Mya had asked.

I could tell she was in a rush to meet up with her friends.

I took a deep breath in, and the truth came out.


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