Pete and Joey sat near a window at a small private restaurant down the street from their apartment called, “Patty’s Corner.” It was often that these two found themselves at “Patty’s Corner,” because their very first kiss happened here. There was no special story that led to this kiss, only that Pete had asked Joey out on a date, and they simply just kissed.

Joey had wished her personal life could be as simple as how the kiss happened.

“I can’t believe it!” Pete exclaimed under his breath.

He shook his head out of disbelief, and pulled away from Joey.

Though the restaurant was quiet, Joey felt like her mind couldn’t take anymore commotion.

She had finally told Pete the truth. Bold Vibes was about to print the story about her mother and the kidnapping. Though the people at work were not aware that the girls who had been switched were Mya and Joey, it was time for honesty to make an appearance.

“Pete…” Joey said while grabbing his hand.

“Pete, I wish I could help you understand!”

As Joey tried to convince Pete that she was sincere, he had trouble believing her.

“Joey, what kills me isn’t that you were kidnapped, but you thought you couldn’t tell me! And you’re only telling me this now because the magazine is going to print the story.” As Pete expressed his anger, Joey could see how hurt he was through his beautiful blue eyes.

Joey began to cry, she couldn’t let this ruin things with Pete–she wouldn’t.

“Pete, let me explain. Just listen to every detail.”

Joey had started from the beginning, and was sure to not leave out any detail that would help Pete understand the complexity of her “mother.”

With a big deep breath, Joey let out all of her hidden demons.

“Mya knew before I did. My mother had pulled her aside at her 18th birthday party, and explained everything.”

Pete looked at Joey with confused eyes, he said, “And she just didn’t tell you?”

Joey could see that Pete was struggling to understand, and she didn’t blame him. She struggled to understand everyday.

Joey sighed, and continued, “Mya was still a child. She was scared, because she couldn’t understand. Not to mention, my mother threatened that if Mya were to tell her parents, she’d make Mya out to be a liar. So, she was stuck to keep in this secret for as long as possible.”

Almost as if it had happened yesterday, Joey could still see and feel the day she found out that her mother wasn’t actually her mother.

It was after Mya’s birthday party, and every day since, Mya had avoided Joey. She didn’t understand why, but she had just assumed that Mya was going through a rough time ever since finding out she was adopted and abandoned.

After the big blow up with her mom about having pictures at the graduation party, and finding those photos of “Joanne James,” that’s when everything truly changed for Joey.

On a warm and sunny Tuesday, Mya had finally stopped by Joey’s house.

…but she knocked, and didn’t just come in.

Joey didn’t have a great feeling about this.

Joey opened the door, and Mya came busting through the door.

“Mya! Hi! What’s wrong?” Joey asked, though she didn’t have to. Joey knew something wasn’t right.

Mya was pale in the face, looking like she could throw up.

Worried, Joey waited until Mya could form a sentence.

“Joey, I can’t keep it a secret anymore!” Mya exclaimed as she started to cry.

Joey could feel a knot start to form in her stomach.

She walked up to Mya, and hugged her saying, “Mya, you can tell me anything! You know that.”

As they pulled away from their hug, Mya took a deep breath and a leap of faith, “Your mom is actually my mom, and she kidnapped you. I was abandoned by the woman who has pretended to be your mother.”

Whether or not Joey moved or reacted, she couldn’t remember. That moment was the biggest blur of her life.

Mya looked at Joey with eyes of heartbreak, and when Joey looked up past Mya—she saw the woman who was supposed to be her mother standing there.

Molly caught the big confession when passing through. Fear, anger, and sadness filled the room like a California wildfire. Now the biggest fight for truth would commence.


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