It’s the final part of my NANOWRIMO Series! This was definitely a hard challenge I gave myself, but I learned so much from it. I never believed I could write a story this in-depth. I went into this with having not done any pre-planning, and made up everything on the spot. I hope you all have enjoyed this story as much as I have had writing it.

Here goes nothing!

All secrets had been revealed, and Mya, Joey, and Molly stood in the foyer of the house preparing for war.

Joey could’ve sworn her heart had dropped down into her feet.

My mother isn’t my mother, she kidnapped me…

I’ve been kidnapped.

Silence had taken over the room like a dictator. All three of them had looked at each other, sick to their stomachs.

What was going on?

Joey spoke up first, “What’s Mya talking about?? Huh?! Are you even my mother?!

Joey had screamed into Molly’s face, she was so angry she could see Mya flinch at how loud Joey had become.

Stuttering, and unable to form a sentence right away, Molly had finally answered Joey.

“Uh, um-no, I’m not your mother, I’m technically Mya’s birth mother.” Molly inched closer to Joey to comfort her, but Joey pulled away. “Joey please, I can explain.”

Joey could feel the anger rise within her, and she thought:

Explain? She thinks she can explain this?

Joey looked at Molly with a face cold as ice, “You cannot justify this. You ripped us both out of a true childhood!”

Joey could feel Mya’s hand touch her shoulder for comfort.

Joey had suddenly remembered, “Joanne James.”

Mya and Molly looked at Joey when she said that name, Joey asked, “Who is Joanne James then?”

Molly said as casually as she ever could, “That’s Mya. I used my mothers name on the box so you wouldn’t know the difference. I kept photos of Mya as she was growing up.”

Joey’s legs crumbled underneath her, and she found herself kneeling on the wooden floor of her home…the home she once trusted, and felt safe.

She couldn’t trust or feel safe anymore.

Her nightmares were literally true.

Days had passed from the disheartening discovery, and in the time that had gone, Molly ran from the cops.

Joey and Mya didn’t know how to move on from this mess. Two best friends who actually had been abandoned and kidnapped, and Molly was to blame. Though Joey and Mya had remained friends, it hadn’t been the same friendship they once had. But a silver lining was that Mya and Joey discovered who their families really were together, and grew from that experience.

Joey had finished explaining to Pete her history, and he sat across from her in disbelief.

“Pete? Can you tell me what you’re thinking?”

He sat there and nervously moved around in his seat, searching for the words Joey was waiting for.

Pete grabbed Joey’s hand, and looked into Joey’s eyes with sincere love.

“Thank you for letting me in, and from now on, let’s be honest with each other. Okay? Because I love you.”

A sigh of relief came over Joey like a wave the ocean would give.

She could trust, feel safe, and love again.


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