My Best Breakup from Hello Sunshine

We all know my addiction to podcasts! There’s so much to learn from other experiences people have had; not to mention, it’s always nice to learn you’re not alone in certain situations.

My recent podcast binge has been “My Best Breakup” hosted by Maeve Higgins. Yes, Higgins and her guests do discuss romance but it’s also bought to listeners attention that your “best breakup” can be anything. This podcast was created by Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine.

So, I thought it’d be fun to talk about my best breakups! Though I’ve had my fair share of relationship breakups in the past, my most significant breakups were of a different concept.

My first one was when I was a sophomore in college. I was a dance major, and found that I was not happy with where I was. The department was focused on contemporary ballet (not my thing), and the chemistry between myself and the director was not good! So, I decided one day I was switching majors. With everything not meshing well within the department, I was also not satisfied with only being educated on dance; I wanted to know more about the “outside world.”

When I switched into the English department, I found myself to be extremely lucky! I was indulging into academics that I was interested in, and I continued my love of dance through the cheer and dance team. From that switch, I was able to still become a dance teacher as well.

The question remains, what did this breakup teach me? I learned that education should be an enjoyable experience; I shouldn’t dread going to class or be afraid to mess up. The classroom is where I should mess up, it is also the place where practice makes perfect. I also took from this breakup how I should be as a teacher. I always try to push my students to their full potential with positivity…I even encourage them to laugh at themselves when they feel uncomfortable. As a teacher, I try to make them realize that discovering who they are as people and dancers isn’t scary, but fun! I’m glad this breakup happened, I probably wouldn’t be the teacher I am now.

Now for my second breakup!

My first job was like home, and still is home to me. It was where my friends became family, and I really learned to enjoy taking on different leadership positions. This breakup was the hardest, but it really had set me straight about work ethics. I spent nine years in the same place, and really dedicated my time every summer. Towards the end, I learned that no matter the time you put in or how hard you worked everyday, some things aren’t meant to be. I had tried really hard to continue to excel in the workplace, but year after year I was held back. With that realization and frustration, I decided it was time to move on. I won’t lie, I cried the entire day when I made that decision to leave. I’m not saying it was an awful place, but this was a breakup that taught me it is okay to grow out of certain situations. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with myself if I wasn’t achieving goals, or continued to be looked over. With this breakup, I experienced different things I had missed out on over the years! I was able to enjoy my summer, go on vacation, take on new job opportunities, and rediscover myself. So, how do I present myself as a worker now? I keep in mind that I know my full potential and what I can bring to the table. On the side, I try to not drown myself in work like I had in the past; I find it very important to just take a breather sometimes, and disconnect. How can I be a better worker if I don’t take a timeout once in a while?

Isn’t that what’s really important?

Now, it’s your turn, what has been your “best breakup?” Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “My Best Breakup from Hello Sunshine

  1. kattieh says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I never thought of a breakup in this sort of sense! I think my best breakup has been the one I’m currently going through 😀 I’m leaving my really amazing job to move overseas to teach, and also further my university studies! I’m both excited and sad – but I know that it is for the best!

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