Saturday Letters

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I’m so excited to start a new segment on my blog called Saturday Letters! Saturday Letters will solely be poem entries made on the spot. I wanted to branch out to creative writing more often, and I figured this was the best way to go about it. There isn’t any rules with the poetry I’m attempting, just thoughts inspired by books, music, and real life that pour out for you all. Though this is a terrifying step, here goes nothing…

Perfection was and is a lie.

You could do everything but it may not even matter.

Who are you impressing?

No one is impressed, and you certainly aren’t.

You shouldn’t compete to earn the one thing you want most.

What you want in life should naturally come about–no if, ands, or buts.

It’s hurts though…

Seeing everyone move forward while you stay still.

By staying still, you work hard to impress–to move forward.

Unanswered questions float about, you lose your sanity with not knowing what comes next.

As the days pass, you wake up ready to conquer with your heart aching and your eyes smiling.

I hope you all enjoyed! Like I mentioned, I’m not following any rules, I’m just going for it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Fitness Goals…What Should You Aim For?

Fitness goals are constantly changing, literally every minute there’s a new standard we’re all supposed to meet. Whatever happened to feeling happy and healthy?

Working out is my therapy time, it’s a time where I can focus in on me and no one else. Even when I’m teaching my classes at the gym, I get a relief from anything that might’ve been stressing me out. But what tends to interfere with my mindset is how I feel about my body that day.

Some days, I feel great but others I may feel self-conscious about something. How does that make sense? I work out in some sort of way everyday, but I still feel self-conscious. When I’m at the gym, I don’t half-ass my workouts, I go all in.

When it comes to dieting, I do make healthier choices when it’s available and I don’t go too crazy on the sweets. To avoid binging on sweets, I do allow myself to have something sweet once a day so my cravings are under control. So between working out and keeping my food choices under control as best as possible, why doesn’t that feel like enough?

Personally, I feel like I’ve never been more fit. By changing my workout approaches, my core feels stronger and shoulders feel like they’re not aching everyday. Instead of worrying about society’s standards of fit and healthy, we all as a whole need to focus on how our bodies feel, and especially how we feel mentally. If we’re trying our hardest to be healthy, that counts for everything.

Let’s be proud for our work to be a better person inside and out, and not deprive ourselves of happiness.

What do you do to feel healthy? Sound off in the comments below!

A Word from Our Partners

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You know the drill, let’s catch up with our partners in their awesome articles for the week.


Stay Calm During Wedding Preparations

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming task and can make any bride-to-be crazy sometimes. It’s normal to be frazzled and stressed by all the deadlines, details, budgets, and more.

Luckily, you can do several things that can help you stay centered and calm while doing your wedding planning, so you can enjoy the moment of planning your perfect day and being engaged.

Use CBD Gummies

CBD can be used to help you unwind and relax – that’s what CBD is designed to do! CBD has the benefits of anti-anxiety medication without side effects. It works by activating different sections of your brains so that your brain isn’t going into hyperdrive when you’ve encountered a stressful situation.

If you’re struggling to stay calm during your wedding preparations, consider using CBD gummies. They are a delicious little treat that helps you feel relaxed even during the most frustrating tasks (i.e., dealing with vendors).

Get Moving

If you’re trying to achieve a wedding fitness goal, then this is a great tip for you! Getting exercise of any kind can trigger a relaxation response that can help a mind or body in need. Moving also affects your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, and an overall sense of well-being, while also releasing serotonin – which is much needed while planning a wedding.


Observing and controlling your breathing is a powerful relaxation device, plus it’s known to lessen your anxiety and lower your blood pressure. There are many methods that you can practice to help you calm down through your breathing, but our favorites are called “equal breathing.” How do you do this?

To start, take a deep breath in for around four seconds, and then exhale for the same amount of time. The point of this exercise is to have equal time inhaling and exhaling while you focus on your breathing. Start with four seconds and the challenge yourself later with more time.

Managing Your Time

There are a place and time for everything, and with only 24 hours in a single day, it can be pretty stressful trying to fit everything in. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out when you try to fit too many things into a single day. Therefore, time management is important.

By figuring out prearranged time slots devoted to your wedding planning and doing your best to stick to it, you can stay in charge of your tasks and calendar. When you’re in control, the more likely you’ll feel less stressed and more relaxed.

For more, click on the link: Staying Calm during Wedding Preparations

What is the Bioavailability of CBD?

CBD is available in many forms, including tinctures, edibles, capsules, and vape oils. The various means of consumption make CBD a versatile compound. With CBD products, you can cater to your supplement preferences and wellness goals. 

Your choice of delivery method will determine the strength and distribution of CBD in your system. How you take CBD also has an effect on the bioavailability of a compound. The bioavailability of a substance is the percentage that is absorbed into the bloodstream after any other processing in the body.

Intravenous administration is said to have a 100% bioavailability; additional methods are compared to this route to create a ratio for the percentage bioavailability. While the bioavailability percentages vary between studies, there is a commonality between many. The following is an overview of the bioavailability of three of the most popular methods of CBD consumption: oral, sublingual, and inhalation.


Oral consumption of CBD can include products such as capsules, edibles, and oils. This method is popular due to its ease of use. Oral consumption is a quick and familiar method that is used for many supplements.

When consumed orally, CBD passes through the digestive system and circulates through the liver. The bioavailability of CBD is reduced during what is known as “first pass metabolism”. When consumed, CBD is metabolized by the liver and in other sites such as the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and blood. This reduces the amount of CBD that is present in the bloodstream.

The bioavailability of THC through oral consumption ranges from 4-20%. Sufficient data is not available for the bioavailability of CBD, which is why researchers are enthusiastic about the abundance of CBD research that is currently being conducted. As mentioned previously, factors such as absorption and metabolism are responsible for the low bioavailability.

While oral consumption has a lower bioavailability than other methods, it has been shown to have longer lasting effects.


Sublingual (under the tongue) consumption can be performed with products such as tinctures, concentrates, lozenges, and sprays. You may notice that many CBD oils recommend sublingual use rather than oral consumption due to its effectiveness.

When consumed sublingually, a substance is absorbed through the mucous membrane under the tongue. Capillaries in the connective tissue diffuse the substance, which then enters the bloodstream. In this method, the substance bypasses the first-pass metabolism. This accounts for a higher bioavailability than oral consumption. There is sufficient data to support that sublingual administration has a higher bioavailability than oral consumption; however, there are no specific percentages available.

Want to know more? Click on the link! What is the Bioavailability of CBD?

CBD for Dog Anxiety Symptoms (Shaking and Panting)

If you have ever suffered from an anxiety attack, you will understand exactly how horrific it can be at the time. While you struggle to breathe or focus, you usually find it in you to vocalize your need for help, so just imagine how much worse it would be if you couldn’t even ask anyone for help? Unfortunately, dogs that suffer from anxiety have to go through exactly that each time they feel nervous. Whether it is separation anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or one of the many other anxiety disorders, they feel completely panicked, but they aren’t able to tell us—the pet owners—what is wrong and what they need. Fortunately, canine anxiety will often manifest itself through symptoms that usually include shaking, panting, and whining, which is what alerts us to help them overcome their disorder.

Stress and anxiety can be really tough to dealwith and there aren’t many options available to both dogs and humans that offer relief without some form of negative side effects. This is one of the main reasons that people are turning to CBD oil as a remedy for these times of crisis—both for personal use and also for their furry friends.

A dog’s anxiety can be triggered by an innumerable number of things, many of which you can figure out in advance so that you can better prepare yourself for an episode of panic (fireworks, thunderstorms, etc.). In addition, CBD oil, hemp oil, and many other CBD products are packed with loads of other benefits for your dog, aside from treating his presenting anxiety. 

How Does CBD Work for Dog Anxiety?

The benefits of CBD are slowly starting to show up in studies and it is fast becoming one of the most important aids to combat the symptoms that a dog experiences when he is feeling stressed or anxious. It is especially well regarded as a pain reliever for chronic pain and anti-inflammatory agent when used to treat common problems like arthritis. 

CBD is one of two crucial elements found present in a cannabis plant that is compounded into oil for medical use. CBD itself has less than 0.3% of THC when properly extracted, which is important to know as anything over that amount could be toxic for dogs. CBD works to cure anxiety in dogs via their natural endocannabinoid system to trigger parts of the central nervous system responsible for dealing with feelings of panic and fear. Through the same process, CBD triggers the release of serotonin in the brain, which, in turn, will calm your pooch down and free him from feelings of anxiety.

Interested in more information for your dog? Check out this link: CBD for Dog Anxiety Symptoms (Shaking and Panting)

Thank You Dance

Recently, it was National Dance Day where all dancers and non-dancers alike celebrated the ability to move to the music. For some of us, dance is our right hand, our ability to feel our emotions on a whole other level.

I wanted to take a moment to really reflect on my long relationship with dance, and where I hope it’ll take me in the future.

This is my thank you to dance.

I started in the 2nd grade, and I never would’ve guessed that I’d still be involved with dance.

Just kidding, I have always been determined to be somewhat successful in dance, but not many people last as long as I have. All of the hours, changing in the car and doing homework on the go has always taught me to remember the sacrifices I made. Now that I’m a teacher, I find it extremely important to make sure my students know and understand that I too was in their shoes at one point. I would never want them to think that I don’t understand their exhaustion, joy, and frustrations.

For the rest of my life, I’ll forever carry with me the discipline that dance taught me. It was that very discipline I learned from all my teachers, that led me to where I am now. Though there were plenty of times where I was over it, I now understand what my teachers were trying to get across because well, I try to teach my students the very same lessons I learned.

The opportunities dance has given me will always be my favorite memories. Between the Gene Kelly Awards, and being Dance Team Captain in college, it was these moments that taught me that every hour of practice/rehearsal was worth it.

Most importantly, I’ll forever be thankful for dance because of my teaching opportunities. It’s because of dance, I get to push students to their full potential; they may hate me for it in the moment, but they’ll understand my purpose at some point. I love sharing my choreography with my students where they get to see how my brain works within the song I picked. Seeing them go through awkward moments in dance, learning how far their talent can go is the biggest treat of all!

Though I could go on and on about how thankful I am for my passion, there isn’t enough blog posts that could embrace my love for my art, and how thankful I am for it and my teaching opportunities. I hope this post gives you an insight to the dancing world, and let’s you take a moment to be thankful for your talents.

Thank you dance for always having my back, and never leaving my side. I hope the future entails moments of choreography that’ll change someone’s world.

A Word from Our Partners

Hi everyone! It’s that time of the week where I give a spotlight to my partners, Sunday Scaries, FOMO Bones, and Made by Hemp.


6 Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

FOMO Bones

Any dog owner will have experienced the feelings of guilt when leaving their four-legged friend alone even for just a short amount of time. While it is completely natural for dogs to miss us and want us to come home as soon as possible, some dogs suffer severe cases of separation anxiety on a different level. Not only does this make going out on our own somewhat of a chore, but it also can cause your dog problems, not to mention your couch, shoes, table… the list goes on! Fortunately, there is now a completely natural way to ease separation anxiety and reduce the symptoms of anxiety in dogs using CBD treats.

If you are a new dog owner, keep an eye out for these seven signs of canine separation anxiety in the dog’s behavior, so you can manage their nervous demeanor before it becomes too severe.

Your Dog Suddenly Learns to Sing

Well, not quite. One of the primary signs of severe separation anxiety and distress in dogs is excessive howling or barking, as well as destructive chewing. While all dogs feel sad when they see their parents walk out the door, howling and/or scratching at the door trying to desperately follow you is a red flag that you need to take notice of. 

You Come Home to An Accident

If your dog is already potty trained and provided you are meeting their bathroom needs and taking them out frequently, they shouldn’t feel the need to pee inside and it shouldn’t cause distress. Understandably, if you are gone for hours and hours, then an accident here and there is bound to happen. However, if you are normally only gone for an hour or two and you always come home to a pee or poop on your white sheepskin carpet, then something is definitely up. This is a common symptom of separation anxiety in dogs and we suggest consulting a dog behaviorist or professional dog trainer for further advice, treatment, and possible medication. 

Destruction and Devastation

The strongest warning sign of separation anxiety and distress and, without a doubt, one of the worst is destructive behavior while you are out, even for short periods. If you regularly come home to find your furniture chewed up and your shoes destroyed, it won’t be hard to pinpoint the culprit. Many dog owners choose to crate train their dogs and they still often come home to find that Fido has broken free and destroyed his crate and everything around it.

For more information, click on the link: Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Non-Cannabis Plants That Have Cannabinoids

Made by Hemp

huge discovery was made in 1992 that has had a ripple effect on the way we look at plants and alternative remedies. Until cannabis was first (seriously) studied 50 years ago, we didn’t know about this vital system in the body. Amusingly, this means all of the terms surrounding this system are derived from the word “cannabis.”

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) with a duty to keep the body in a neutral state. The ECS is comprised of “cannabinoid receptors” attached to cells in the brain, central and peripheral nervous system to regulate many functions within the body.

Thanks, Dad

It wasn’t until Dr. Mechoulam, whose nickname “Father of Cannabis” is well deserved, sought to learn why cannabis affects us the way it does. Specifically, why does marijuana make you “high”?

As it turns out, cannabis is naturally brimming with compounds called cannabinoids. When Dr. Mechoulam first isolated a cannabinoid 50 years ago, he officially answered this question. The cannabinoid guilty of causing the well-known psychotropic effects of marijuana is THC.

All compounds that interact with our cannabinoid receptors offer unique ways to support the body. Let’s talk about plants that share these ECS-supporting compounds.

For more information, click on the link below: Non-Cannabis Plants That Have Cannabinoids

Five Must-Try CBD Oil Tincture Infused Dessert Recipes

Sunday Scaries

Our CBD tincture wins the most versatile award in any competition. You can take it sublingually (under your tongue,) mix it with your favorite salve or lotion, or, you can integrate it into your favorite beverage or recipe. Intrigued?

Want to try some recipes for yourself? Well, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile five of the best CBD dessert recipes out there in the interwebs. Finding the best way to incorporate CBD into your desserts honestly guarantees a great afternoon or evening. There should always be ways to enjoy things different from others, which is why we want to help your taste buds sing.

We’ll list the recipe and then the source so you can satisfy your sweet tooth for yourself.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

There’s nothing like a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. I mean, who doesn’t like warm, gooey cookies right out of the oven? They’ve been a classic for generations so you can bet there is a recipe to make them even more amazing. Follow this recipe from Ministry of Hemp to satisfy your chocolate cravings, and to learn a lot of great tips and tricks about cooking with CBD.





  • 0.5 ounce of CBD oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 2 cups  milk chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 cup of softened butter (optional)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons of hot water


Step by step:

  1. Be sure to preheat the oven to a nice 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Mix everything together until it is creamy. Be sure to beat the eggs and stir the vanilla extract in.
  3. Add the flour into the batter so that it is blended
  4. Put in the chips of chocolate.
  5. Take a greased pan and then spoon the batter onto it.
  6. Bake for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Peppermint Chocolate Cups

These look absolutely scrumptious, and perfect for an after dinner snack. If you’re looking for something a bit unique to try then this will certainly be a great addition to your menu. Check out the full recipe here.





  • chocolate – 3/4 cup of mint chocolate or vegan chocolate chips (dark)
  • white chocolate – 1/2 teaspoon of peppermint extract, 2 ounces of raw cacao butter
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon of CBD oil
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup of coconut butter


Step by step:

  1. Take the chocolate and melt it until it is smooth.
  2. Spoon the chocolate into the molds. Put it into the freezer so that it hardens.
  3. Mix the cacao butter, vanilla, and sea salt and then whisk it so that it is smooth.  Then you can put in the CBD oil and whisk it.
  4. Take the white chocolate mint and drizzle it over all the bits of dark chocolate and let them cool down on the freezer shelf for around 20 minutes.

For more information, click on the link below: Five Must-Try CBD Oil Tincture Infused Dessert Recipes

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to stop by my latest post: It’s an Update

It’s an Update!

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well, I just wanted to give you all an update as to what I’ve been up to lately. Though I’m off of work at my full time job during the summer, it seems as though my days are flying by quickly.

This summer I’ve been teaching dance and teaching group fitness classes. These classes have been going great! I love challenging those who come to my class, and see how my students improve. I’ve been subbing a lot at the gym for group fitness classes, which I love because I’m also learning to teach more classes.

Fitness wise, I’m still finding new and different ways to stay fit. Though it may not seem like it, I’ve used this summer to teach myself when to relax and such. I’ve always struggled to understand when I needed to rest my body, so in my opinion if “rest” means doing yoga, it’s a step in the right direction. In addition, I’ve been running a lot more, and I’ve seen a huge improvement! I use the Nike Run app, and with the app, I created a running workout plan. I love it because I’m not running long distances everyday, the distance/workout varies. I really can feel an overall improvement in my whole fitness. I’ve been focusing on mobility/stability workouts which have been a huge benefit.

So what about me personally? Putting aside teacher Becca, and fitness Becca…

I still strive to be better mentally as well. When it comes to expectations and patience, I still struggle with those concepts but I’m still trying to be better at them. I’m really trying to understand and accept that timing is everything and I can’t just rush things–even if I want things to happen right here and now. I always hated for others to be “ahead” of me even if I literally can’t control it. Practice makes perfect!

That’s all for this update! I can’t wait to keep discussing important topics with you–thank you all for following along!

A Word from Our Partners…

It’s that time of the week! I have articles share from FOMO BONES and Sunday Scaries. Enjoy!

4 Tips for Curing Insomnia in Dogs

If you think insomnia is solely a human issue, then you might be surprised to hear that it is not. Dogs (and even cats) can suffer from sleepless nights and insomnia is something that affects them equally as much as it does humans. Remarkably, many of the reasons that humans suffer from insomnia are the same reasons that cause dogs to be unable to sleep. 

Insomnia typically manifests in dogs as they age or as a result of a behavioral problem like anxiety or stress. The odd sleepless night can be completely normal, especially as dogs seem to spend a large part of the day snoozing. However, if you notice that your dog doesn’t seem to be sleeping properly for days on end, then it something that you want to address as soon as possible.

Why Does Your Dog Have Problems Sleeping?

It could be triggered by one of many things, such as separation anxiety, sleep problems like chronic insomnia, and even depression.  Understandably, if your dog is not well or he is in pain, then it makes sense that he is having trouble sleeping. And, as your dog isn’t able to tell you what is wrong, insomnia in dogs can be an indication of an underlying issue—one of the most common being arthritis or an injury that might not be immediately apparent. Stress and anxiety will also contribute to the lack of sleep in dogs. Therefore, if your dog seems to be in perfect health physically, then it is likely that there is an emotional issue that is keeping him up at night.

If you have recently moved or you have only just adopted your dog and brought him home, then you need to allow for them to settle into their surroundings so that they can fully relax. Don’t forget that a dog’s hearing is especially sensitive, so any unfamiliar noise can cause them to remain alert and guarded.

Canine insomnia can also be a result of lack of exercise, which is especially poignant in high-energy dogs. Their pent-up energy can easily convert into frustration and anxiety that prevents them from being able to sleep. 

Regardless of the cause of your dog’s insomnia, sleep is essential to all living beings, so here are some tips to help your dog have a good night’s sleep. 

To learn more, click on the link below:Insomnia in Dogs

Do You Have Millennial Burnout?

In today’s world where the workday is slowly creeping toward 24 hours and more and more people are working 2 or 3 jobs to stay afloat, it’s easy to get burnt out. 

Burn out is severe, ongoing, exhaustion, and it can affect your mental and physical well-being.

But how do you separate burnout from just normal exhaustion, and what do you do to combat it?

Find three major signs of millennial burnout below, along with tips for getting back in the game.

Via Flickr

1. Do you keep writing the same tasks on your to-do lists over and over?

If you’re putting things off for days or even months, you’re probably avoiding them because you just have too much going on. 

What should you do? Prioritize. 

Do the most important things first instead of putting them off by doing busywork, and cut the work you don’t need to be doing out entirely. By focusing on what’s actually important you’ll be able to pare down the things you’re doing out of obligation, giving you more energy to do a good job on the important things. And you might even find yourself with some time for yourself!

For more information, click on the link!

Millennium Burnout

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